Build your deep tech startup with STRIDE

We help accelerate your hard technology startup with meaningful, purpose-driven mentorship and a cohort dynamic to build fundamental startup skills. Let us help you move your company forward.

These are some of the areas we focus on during the accelerator.


Taking your product to market

Brand Building

Creating a recognizable identity

Customer Acquisition

Testing the process


Learn to pitch and raise capital

Sales & Marketing

Creating a funnel for success

Business Model

Explore financials and projections

Some of the finer details.

Cohort-based accelerator of 3-5 companies

Two cohorts a year

Tuesday commitment from 3:00 to 5:00pm

20-week time frame

No exchange of equity or cash requirement for participation

We are happy to have support from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation.

Hear from the University of Akron Research Foundation and the STRIDE Accelerator.

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The STRIDE Accelerator, from the University of Akron Research Foundation, was started in 2019, having helped multiple cohorts of startups raise millions in funding and drive their companies forward.

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